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MAP Board of Directors Meting
Jul 10, 2020
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MAP Board of Directors Meting
Aug 14, 2020
MAP Main Office 753 C Broadway South Portland, ME 04106
MAP Board of Directors Meting
Sep 11, 2020
MAP Main Office 753 C Broadway South Portland, ME 04106
MAP Board of Directors Meting
Oct 09, 2020
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Nov 13, 2020
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July 02, 2020

Maine has a MOVE OVER LAW - Do your part to keep Maine's first responders safe. When you see emergency lights: SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER when safe to do so.

MAP is proud to Support CodeGratitude and!
Inspired by, designed for and dedicated to the men and women who have served or are serving in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Military, Click HERE FMI
Remembering The Fallen
Our members in Freeport remember the fallen at ceremonies with the Freeport Flag Ladies on September 11th
MAP/Maine Law Enforcement Honored
The Maine Military Museum has dedicated its learning center and function room to Maine's Finest
Maine Law Enforcment Officers Memorial
Augusta, Maine
MAP in Washington
MAP inducts Senator Susan Collins as an Honorary MAP Member for her unwavering support of first reponders
MAP In Augusta
Governor Baldacci signs LD 1021 into law providing security for retired first responders in Maine
MAP in the Community
MAP members from Auburn and Lewiston PD keeping thier communities safe at a prescription drug collection event.
MAP Honoring the Sacrifices of our Veterans
MAP Members at Arlington National Cemetery supporting Wreaths Across America
MAP Honoring the Fallen
Auburn members at the re-dedication of their fallen officer memorial
MAP In the Community
MAP Members from York Representing Maine at Fenway Park
MAP Supporting Those Who Serve
MAP Executive Director Paul Gaspar presents the Maine Troop Greeters with Laptops to help troops communicate with loved ones
MAP remembers
MAP members honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice during National Police Week

Support CodeGratitude

MAP is proud to be a supporter of Shannon Moss’ efforts to connect supportive businesses with the men and women in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Military by offering discounts and special deals through CodeGratitude and A service that recognizes our nation's and communities' protectors.

Special Announcement


This morning, we lay an advocate, protector and friend to rest.

We are devastated to have lost a representative who has played a pivotal part in MAP's history. A staunch advocate for unions and especially first responders, John (himself a former firefighter) represented the law firm of Troubh, Heisler and our members well for many years. We will miss him and our hearts go out to his incredible family during these tragic days and months ahead.

Memorial contributions can be made to:Mid Coast Maine Hunger Prevention Program (MCHPP) 12 Tenney Way Brunswick, ME 04011

Godspeed John; thank you for your service to Maine and to those who have spent their lives protecting it.

Our father and husband John Richardson passed away suddenly from a heart attack on Tuesday morning. We have been stricken with grief and at a loss for how to properly honor his memory with family and friends during this unique time.

We’re holding a public ceremony at the State Capitol Building in Augusta (COVID compliant) and wanted to invite all friends and supporters to attend. We’re limited to 50 guests on the lawn, but we welcome everyone to come to the Cross Building parking lot nearby and tune into our FM radio transmission of the service. Dad will then lay in state right nearby where attendees may drive by to pay their respects.

Governor Baldacci and Phil Harriman have graciously agreed to speak. Mike Edes will be our Master of Ceremony.

Date: Wednesday, June 24th
Time: 10AM
Where: Maine State Capitol in Augusta, parking for attendees at the Cross Office Building at the Capitol
Radio Frequency: To Be Announced
More details to come

This is a unique remembrance, but one that keeps everyone safe, as he would want. We believe that he would have also have appreciated our coming together as a community of family and friends as best we can.

John G. Richardson Jr.

BRUNSWICK – John G. Richardson, Jr., 62, attorney and former 97th Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, died unexpectedly Tuesday, June 16, 2020. True to family tradition, John Richardson started his career in public service at a young age. He joined his father and grandfather before him at age 16 in the Riverdale Heights Volunteer FF company 13 in Maryland. Prior to that he had been a poster boy for one of his father’s public service messages amongst other things in which his father, the Chief, involved him in!At 19, John was badly burned in the line of duty when he entered a burning home. John spent months in the hospital. Already a soft heart, it was long hou rs in recovery that reinforced for him that he wanted to continue a life of public service, helping others who were knocked down and needed help getting back on their feet. John graduated from the University of Maryland after a long and social time spent there with the accumulation of a number of parking tickets. He was the first in his family to earn a college degree. John went on to further his education and on the day he turned in his last final from the Creighton University School of Law in 1989, John married his wife Stephanie, who was studying to be a physician.John and Stephanie were lucky to move to Portland, where Stephanie attended residency, and the couple chose the beautiful state of Maine to raise their growing family. They settled in Brunswick and raised their children, John A., Glenn and Madeline. They joined St. John’s Catholic Church, where John served as vice president of the Parish Council.John joined Richardson and Troubh (no relation but it was fun to pretend he was Harry’s son) and began developing a labor law practice. As an attorney John gravitated to helping the underdog. He represented trade unions and often took on discrimination cases. His clients included some of the first women to seek redress for sexual harassment in the state of Maine.Always, John had an affinity for helping our men and women in uniform, the fire fighters, state and municipal police officers. The same people he grew up with and for whom he felt a brotherly bond.In 1998, John narrowly beat an incumbent Republican to win a seat in the Maine House of Representatives, a feat he attributed to knocking on every door in his district.In his time as a legislator John shepherded through, with help from others, the Patient Bill of Rights, small business reform, and a $12 million affordable housing bond for Midcoast Maine.John was elected House Majority Leader, and then the 97th Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2005. As Speaker, he earned a reputation as a consensus builder – helping to end a long stretch of partisan budget battles. He also built and broadened his party’s influence, a proven winner, he left the House with a solid Democratic majority.John was then appointed Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development by Gov. Baldacci. He spent hours driving thousands of miles all over the state, and one accomplishment as commissioner was the response to the Washburn-Doughty fire and helping get that company back on its feet in less than one year.After politics John returned to law but kept the themes of politics and economic development. He partnered in the development of the Village at Rockport and the RoxWind wind energy project amongst others. He greatly enjoyed becoming a political commentator for WCSH6 Political Brew as well as doing radio commentary. He was grateful to have spent his time in quarantine with his father, oldest son John, and daughter Madeline. Sometimes there are blessings given where least expect. John is survived by his wife, Dr. Stephanie Grohs and his children John, Glenn, and Madeline in addition to his father John Sr.; brothers Mark and Brian; as well as multiple nieces and nephews.A remain-in-vehicle funeral service will be celebrated 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 24, from the steps of the State House, Augusta.Memories and condolences can be shared at Memorial contributions can be made to:Family Focus29 Burbank Ave. Suite 1Brunswick, ME 04011 or:Mid Coast Maine Hunger Prevention Program (MCHPP) 12 Tenney Way Brunswick, ME 04011 or: Sexual Assault Support Services of Mid Coast Maine (SASSM)P.O. Box 990Brunswick, ME 04011

Are the police racist? Do they disproportionately shoot African-Americans? Are incidents in places like Ferguson and Baltimore evidence of systemic discrimination? Heather Mac Donald, a scholar at the Manhattan Institute, explains.

See the Training Opportunities Page for More Info


We would like to take the opportunity to express our pride, concern and relief at the incredible and professional response by Maine Law Enforcement and public safety dispatchers throughout our state, including Bangor and Portland during contentious protests last night and into this morning. The professionalism and restraint in the face of sometimes withering verbal, physical and destructive behavior is indicative of the caliber of the men and women who serve as LEO's in MAINE. Along with our member units, we would also like to recognize our Sheriff's Departments as well as the Maine State Police, who joined to help many cities and towns; and most importantly-each other.

To our fellow citizens whose only intent was to stand up and peacefully have your voices and concerns heard; we also THANK YOU. We are proud to serve our citizens and it is important that you know that we and our families share your anger and disgust for the actions of any in our ranks that does not embrace the ethics and professionalism we are asked to uphold.

In your attempt at a peaceful dialogue you show respect not only for the countless good officers through this state and country, but our families who carry the concern on a daily basis, that their loved ones will not return from their shift. You also show that even in the tempest of misinformation and rhetoric, you will not be deterred from civil thought and discourse which we fight to protect everyday.

To those who's only intent was to create animosity, cause damage your own community and openly accost and threaten officers and their families; YOU only serve to widen the chasm between our police and communities. Even though many have seen fit to post their uninformed rhetoric, notice that we have not silenced you or removed your posts. We do this as it's a protection of our constitution, but more importantly you help us by exhibiting the same bias and institutional "racism" towards ALL law enforcement officers with the same brush of ignorance that you say is used by law enforcement in dealing with individuals based on their race, creed, nationality or orientation. We will not debate anyone who's sole intent is to provide only one sided, zero sum solutions to a larger and much more complicated issue.

To all those in the Maine Community who have taken the time to post messages of understanding and support, we thank you and want you to know that we are never as proud as we are now to serve the incredible community that is Maine.

To our members and our fellow LEO's throughout Maine and the United States; we hope for your safety and that of your families and loved ones. Each day is a reason to be proud in serving shoulder to shoulder together during this test of our metal; the largest test in decades.

The article below is spot on and we could not improve on it and is worth the read for all.

Stay safe and watch out for each other!


Paul Gaspar; MAP Executive Director

 The Maine Chiefs, Maine Sheriff's, and maine Department of Public Safety have put together a joint informational docuemnt outlining the many how Maine has, and continues to outpace the national effort to address the challenges in addressing police, public and race relations. You can read the report HERE

Maine Warmline for First Responders and Healthcare Workers

Free Peer to Peer Support App from the All Clear Foundation


We know First Responder wellbeing is important to you, so we want to be sure you are aware of ResponderRel8 – the peer-to-peer app for First Responders that enables them to connect, commiserate and celebrate anonymously (if they choose).

As you know, the complexities and stressors of response work are higher than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic so, thanks to generous donations from All Clear Foundation’s supporters, we’re currently providing subscription-free access to ResponderRel8. First Responders can share information, stressors and experiences anonymously with their colleagues – without fear, stigma or politics getting in the way.


First Responders can access the app directly and chat with peers who have “been there, done that” – no association or organizational commitments required. It’s great for rural and volunteer responders who have very little access to resources as well as those in metro areas where it can complement in-person resources.

Cops were murdered after Massachusetts ‘bail reform’.  Maine is about to pass its own.

Special Announcement from the MAP Board of Directors;

Given the most recent developments, as well as directives from both Federal and State Authorities, the board of directors has directed that the Annual Local Member Unit Meeting scheduled for this Friday, March 20th, be POSTPONED. Taking into account emerging issues, the board has TENTATIVELY postponed the annual meeting to FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 2020.

The board will be holding a regular meeting in place of the annual meeting for the purpose of further deliberation, planning and response to the emerging COVID-19 crisis. Please keep current by following the MAP Facebook page, website and email announcements for further information.

Thank you and stay safe.

The United States Department of Justice, DOJ

DOJ announces how benefits will be determined when officers die from Coronavirus

Written by Dianne Bernhard from our partners at Concerns Of Police Survivors.

Dear Members of Law Enforcement,

Stay home.  Socially distance yourself.  Work remotely.

All of these are necessary advice given to all of us by our government and health leaders in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  But you as a law enforcement officer likely can’t take that advice.

You have to go to work to answer the calls to keep us safe. You may or may not have adequate protective equipment, and you certainly don’t know who you may encounter or who may be a carrier of the virus.

But we all know if a citizen with the virus calls 911 with an emergency, you will respond. Our safety and national security depends on it. 

At the time this article is being written, at least 41 police officers have died as a result of COVID-19.  Unfortunately, there will likely be others. Right now the highest priority is to keep those death toll numbers as low as possible.

Please take steps to limit your exposure at work whenever possible.  While reactive policing is not ideal, in times like this, it is unfortunately recommended.

As a retired officer myself, I know our communities will eventually pay the price of having reactive versus proactive policing, but the steps to keep yourself and your families safe should now take priority. 

The question is being asked at the local, state, and national level whether officer deaths from COVID-19 will be considered in the line of duty for the purpose of line-of-duty death benefits. 

The Department of Justice Public Safety Officers’ Benefit (PSOB) program put out a release today. Quoting straight from the Bureau of Justice release: 

“To establish eligibility for benefits under the PSOB Act in connection with a public safety officer’s death or disability due to COVID-19, the PSOB Act and regulations require that the evidence show that it is more likely than not that the disease resulted from the public safety officer’s exposure to the disease or the virus that causes the disease, SARS-CoV-2, while performing a line of duty activity or action. 

In general, BJA will find that the evidence shows a public safety officer with COVID-19 contracted it in the line of duty, when:

(1) the officer had engaged in line of duty action or activity under circumstances that indicate that it was medically possible that the officer was exposed to the virus, SARS-CoV-2, while so engaged; and 

(2) the officer did contract the disease, COVID-19, within a time-frame where it was medically possible to contract the disease from that exposure. 

In addition, in the absence of evidence showing a different cause of death, BJA generally will find that the evidence shows a public safety officer who died while suffering from COVID-19 died as the direct and proximate result of COVID-19.”  

So, what can you do now if you come down with COVID-19? 

First, please follow all the advice of medical professionals.  This virus seems to be unpredictable as to whom it affects the most.  While those who are older or have underlying health issues seem to be the most at risk for bad outcomes, there are also perfectly healthy police officers who are dying from this virus. 

Don’t underestimate it. If you are experiencing anxiety, please reach out to C.O.P.S. and we can put you in touch with someone for peer support.

Second, document your exposure. If you know that while you were working you came into contact with someone who was known to have the virus, document the date, time, and names of those who were there. 

If your agency has a method to document exposure, you should utilize that process. If your agency does not have a process, you should document the exposure yourself and make sure your supervisors have a copy of it. 

If you do not know where you contracted the disease, document the hours you were at work and were in contact with the general public during the date range when the general public was asked to stay home and exercise social distancing. Most agencies have an ability to produce call logs that will show when you responded to calls for service. This may be helpful in establishing the evidence needed for your family to qualify for benefits, if it unfortunately becomes necessary.   

Third, consider making a claim through workers’ compensation. The documentation you will use to document your exposure may prove valuable if a death benefit claim has to be made later. Your workers’ comp claim can be updated later if you ultimately succumb to the virus.  

Last, if you have not updated your personal information for your family to use to make decisions in the event of your death, now is the time to do so. 

You can click on this link to access a PDF form you can fill out and then print and put in a safe place. None of your personal information is saved through the form. C.O.P.S. always recommends this information and life insurance beneficiaries are kept up to date, even during times we are not experiencing a pandemic.  The peace of mind this provides to your family in the event of your death is invaluable.   

At C.O.P.S. we know you do not have the luxury of social distancing. You should also know that C.O.P.S. is here as YOUR organization, committed to every law enforcement family that experiences the loss of their officer in the line of duty, due to this terrible virus. Every service available through C.O.P.S. will be available to these new families. 

These are uncertain times. I personally would like to take just a minute to say thank you for what you are doing.  There are many heroes during this pandemic event, and you are one of them. While I am no longer considered an “essential” worker, you most certainly are.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless and stay healthy!


To our members and extended Blue/First Responder families on behalf of MAP's Board of Directors;

No doubt that over the last several days you have all began to receive the news and directives that will separate you and your families from all others that stand and take the oath as LEO’s. In these trying, uncertain times, it will be YOU, your families and all first responders who will rise to the challenge facing an entire world.

Since 1975, MAP has tried to be the best advocate for the law enforcement profession as well as the incredible men and women who serve and the families they leave for each shift. More importantly, we continue to honor and value the very fraternal premise that binds us all in a world that values it less and less each day. Please know that over these coming weeks, we will be doing our level best to continue this work and will have you, your families and the communities you serve in the forefront of our mind and missions. It is our honor to continue to do so and we will do it proudly for our members and all those that belong to the Blue and First Responder Family.

The board of directors has been in deliberations over the last few days and will be making some important decisions regarding our meetings, training, and outreach to account for the increased burden placed on you by virtue of your departmental and familial responsibilities. In short, your personal and professional lives matter and are our most important job until things return too what passes for normal today.

In that spirit, the board has elected to CANCEL and POSTPONE the upcoming Labor Law/Critical Incident Training that has been scheduled for March 24th, 2020. All those who have registered are guaranteed seats when a new date is selected and will only need to confirm with us at that time that they will be able to attend. The Annual Member Meeting Scheduled for March 20th, 2020 is still under deliberation and as with any new information, please regularly check our Facebook page, MAP Website, and your local unit emails and individual member email for new and updated information.

More importantly, we ask that you take great care over the next days and weeks to protect your communities, families and most importantly; yourselves! As things progress and the common good relies more and more heavily on the work of you rarefied men and women, people will begin to learn what the true meaning of the Thin Blue Line is, what it represents, and the ever-present need for it.

Stay safe and watch out for each other.

Paul Gaspar
MAP Executive Director 

Tom Cole: Tribute to His Brother

Give the Gift of Music and

Help Support the Family of Our Fallen Brother


MAP is partnering with Tony Mantor of Plateau Music in Nashville to support the Blue with this tribute to Fallen Somerset County Sheriff's Corporal Eugene Cole. Corporal Cole was viciously murdered in the line of duty on April 25th, 2018 in Norridgewock. 

Gene not only leaves behind his wife of 41 years and four sons and many relatives including his brother Tom but a grieving law enforcement community as well.

The MAP board and its members have been challenged to step up and support Gene and his family in their time of loss. Recently, Tony Mantor, who was born and raised in Skowhegan, brought Tom Cole and members of Gene's family down to Nashville and made it possible for them to record 5 songs written by Gene as a tribute that are now contained in the CD pictured above. The Tracks are;

1. On My Way To Nowhere

2. Room 13

3. Words Can Never Hurt

4. Angel In My Bed

5. Life Without You

In addition, Mantor brought together incredibly talented session musicians from throughout Nashville; many who played with well-known artists you listen to today on top radio charts to help in the effort. It is a testament to what Maine people are all about and a team effort in securing the memory and legacy of Gene Cole. In addition, there is a companion DVD that documents the project and efforts, as well as interviews with Mantor, musicians, members of the Cole family and of course; the making of the music.

Click HERE To Listen To "Life Without You"

Tony Mantor has held strong to his Maine roots and the automatic impulse to help his neighbors and friends. Covering the costs involved with the production, he has put together a set of both the CD and DVD; especially for MAP members and LEO's for a special price of $20.00. With our help, we can ensure that ALL PROCEEDS go to the Cole family to assist them in their needs going forward without Gene. The challenge AND the goal given to us is to rally our members and fellow LEO's throughout the state and sell 500 sets which in addition to previous sales will net the Cole family $15,000.00! 


Quite simply, pledge to buy a CD/DVD Set, or several. Encourage or challenge your fellow members or departments to do the same. We know that we can meet this challenge and it is our hope that we will not only reach our goal of 500 sets but put in an order for more! We are doing this by asking you to PRE-ORDER and PLEDGE to purchase sets through the form below.

The DVDs are in the process of final production and the sets will be sent to MAP when they are done and combined with the CDs. This will allow us to have all sets shipped at once and as MAP will be covering the bulk shipping cost, 100% of your $20 purchase price will go to the Cole family.






Selected PSA

MAP Has "Your SIX"

We are proud to invite our members and supporters to the inaugural Maine Association of Police Podcast; "YOUR SIX"! This is the culmination of a long process of planning, technical assistance and hard work to bring a new level of communication and access to our members throughout the state.
Your SIX will provide our members with topical and current issues affecting our law enforcement profession, including; legal, labor, family and all things related to our fraternal concern. We will be using both audio and video casts with a myriad of guests and topics.

We are very honored to have Randy Sutton, a national speaker, subject expert, and former Las Vegas Metro PD Lieutenant as our first guest. We will be talking about Randy's new national initiative - "The Wounded Blue" and MAP being one of the first to partner and support the effort!

YOUR SIX debuted at NOON TODAY on our Facebook page as well as our website, with the first episode open for public viewing . After this first viewing, this will become a member only accessible service for our loyal members. You can also now view our first episode using the link below.

Stay safe and we have Your SIX!
for more information about Rany Sutton & The Wounded Blue, go to;

Listen to MAP Friends and Supporters Turquoise Willie Honor First Responders

"Over the last several years we have spent time traveling around the country performing from coast to coast. During our time we have gotten to know many first responders and have to become quite close. Thanks to these friendships we have been given a glimpse into their lives and the sacrifices they make every day without question. There have been several tribute songs written throughout the years, but we wanted to take their stories and connect them into a piece of work that acts almost as a mission statement to convey the pride and camaraderie that exists in this international fraternity." 


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